A downloadable game for Windows

F1 Cube

This is my first 3D  fast paced racing/arcade game  called F1 CUBE ( formula one cube)

The game has 7 different levels of varying difficulty and has  a minimalistic  main menu .

Your task is to reach to the end of the level without hitting any black cube . Note that you can only either move left or right as the cube will continue to move through the level if it does not hit any black cube.


This game is not meant to  be commercially viable , I created this to learn 3D software like unity and blender

Inspired by BRACKEYS :     www.youtube.com/c/Brackeys

Install instructions

In order to download this game you must download this zip file and extract the content on your computer and then run the Formula1Cube.exe file to play the game


F1_CUBE.zip 25 MB


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Haha cool!


thanx lol